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This widget displays the size of some common directories in your Word Press installation: This information may prove useful to help you identify where you may be using a lot of excessive disk space.Note that the folder size information is update hourly, so changes you make will not be reflected in these numbers straight away.You can check how much bandwidth your account has used, as well as its monthly limit, at any time.While auditing email accounts in my c Panel I noticed that the space usage on some accounts, especially the default email account is not updated.Your hosting account uses bandwidth when it sends or receives data with the rest of the Internet.For example, if your hosting account contains a 1MB picture, and 2,000 visitors view the picture, it uses 2,000MB (2GB) of bandwidth.

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Let us check the disk usage value in all three places, one by one: In the Customer Control Panel: The disk usage is displayed on the domain's/webspace's Statistics page.Also, the folder size information displayed here may not be 100% accurate, though it will be close.The Plesk Panel File Manager is the preferred way to get up-to-date and completely accurate disk space usage information.Databases disk space usage on Windows nodes isn't shown in Customer Control Panel on Statistics tab.The behavior was considered as internal software issues #PPA-2116 and #PPA-2123. In order to fix the issue please install update 11 as described in the article.

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