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According to tradition, Saint Patrick founded his main church there in the year 457, and it eventually became the "ecclesiastical capital" of Ireland.Saint Patrick was said to have decreed that only those educated in Armagh could spread the gospel.Its circular shape matches the modern street layout.Evidence suggests that it was a pagan sanctuary and the successor to Navan. After Christianity spread to Ireland, the pagan sanctuary was converted into a Christian one, and Armagh became the site of an important church and monastery.According to the Annals of the Four Masters: Ard Mhacha was founded by Saint Patrick, it having been granted to him by Daire, son of Finnchadh, son of Eoghan, son of Niallan.

In 839 and 869, the monastery in Armagh was raided by Vikings.The nearest Met Office standard weather station, at Armagh Observatory, provides long term weather data back to 1844.During that time, the highest temperature to be recorded was 30.3 °C (86.5 °F) on 10 July 1934.He was attacked with a grenade as he walked along Market Street and later died of his wounds.Armagh, like most of Ireland, has a temperate maritime climate (Cfb) according to the Köppen climate classification system.

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