Updating website using joomla on godaddy

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With Word Press now powering 25% of the Internet, it has become a primary target for hackers due to the sheer volume of sites using the platform.This means as a Word Press publisher you are more vulnerable to things like DDos attacks, application attacks, malware, and brute force attacks than those using other CMS (or custom built) platforms.Below is a list of notable systems that claim to be CMFs.If you’re a user of Word Press you (should) know that security is a large and growing problem.Wordfence is one of the more popular Word Press plugins in the world with over 2 million active installs at the time of this writing.It includes a number of security features (some free and some paid) including firewall, malware scanning, IP blocking, and login security.

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It shares aspects of a Web application framework and a content management system (CMS).

The Sucuri Firewall runs on a globally distributed Anycast network that is managed around the clock by the Sucuri security team.

The Firewall protects your website from DDo S attacks at both the network and application layer while improving performance by caching your site content at the edge.

If you’re not already using security methods to protect your Word Press site today, you are leaving all your hard work at the hands of thousands of cyber criminals around the world who are working around the clock to find and exploit Word Press vulnerabilities.

Without proper security measures in place, you could already be compromised and not even know it. Network and application layer DDo S attacks can take your site offline for hours or even days at a time.

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